10 Things God Will Never Say

My little list below flowed from a poem by Paul Tripp entitled, “Two Words You Never Want to Hear.” [1]   As I was reading it, I couldn’t keep my brain from wandering/wondering what those two words could be.   Though you should really read the poem in its entirety, here’s a fast-forward excerpt:

I know for certain
that there are two words
that I’ll never hear.
I know that You will never
look me in the eye
and say to me,
‘Go away!’
You will not send me
from Your presence.
You will not drive me
from Your grace.
You will not separate me
from Your glory.
You will not eliminate me
from Your promises.
You will never
send me away.”

What a comfort and relief to know that God will never ask us to  “Go away!” 

And there’s so much more our Heavenly Father would never say.  I brainstormed a bit and came up with these:

God will NEVER say

  • I quit.
  • I don’t love you anymore.
  • I’m leaving.
  • I’m just not that into you.
  • I lied.
  • It’s too late.
  • I’m busy.
  • What do you want now?
  • Oops.
  • It’s impossible.

What else do you think He would NEVER say?

[1] Paul David Tripp, A Shelter in the Time of Storm:  Meditations on God and Trouble. Crossway Books, 2009. Wheaton, IL.  pg. 42

8 thoughts on “10 Things God Will Never Say

  1. Good post, though I have to disagree slightly with one of the “NEVERS”…there will come a time when it is going to be “too late” – but thankfully, not here on Earth. 🙂 It’s a good thing to keep in mind though as we go about our lives and look for opportunities to share Him with those who are Lost. We don’t want them to hear “Depart from me…”

    Let’s see, other things we will never hear:
    *I changed my mind.
    *Just kidding!
    *Get in line.

    I’m continually in awe that He has allowed me to know Him and that I have experienced His Grace in my life. Oh that I may be a bold witness to pass that gift to others in need! Thanks for your thoughtful and timely posts. Blessings!

    • Carrie,
      LOL! I almost deleted “It’s too late” because I thought of the same thing! 🙂

      I love your list!!! Thank you!!!! It’s so good to know our Lord doesn’t change his mind, tease, or toy with us!!

      What an honour and privilege to Know Him! My prayer is that I may ‘testify solemnly of the gospel of the grace of God!” (Acts 20:24). Thank you for being such a witness around the world. Love, Linda

    • Hello Singapore!

      Yes, those are so true! I’m so thankful our Lord never says “what did you do again?!” Otherwise, that’s the ONLY thing I’d hear him say, because I seem to repeat my awful behaviours every single day!

      Thank you for stopping by AND for commenting!

  2. I enjoyed your gentle, grace-filled comments on The Truth Will Set You Free blog site so I strolled over here.

    Thank God, His grace reaches deeper into the pit than our many errors sink us.

  3. Although this is poem is filled with Grace, it is pretty much un-Biblical. There are many people who have accepted Christ and taken communion with God and went to church every Sunday and led good lives, and God will say to them, “Depart from me, for I never knew you. Go Away, ye workers of iniquity.” (Luke 13:25-27) Jesus was not speaking to Muslims or Jews or Buddhists in that passage, but to Christians. So the real question isn’t do you know Christ, its, does Christ know you??

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