My One and Only Foodie Post – Ottawa

Who needs another foodie post? Ottawa has so many, including reviews from the urban spoon, trip advisor, yelp, and lots more. But don’t you ever wish, just once, that reviews and articles were more down to earth–about real food, and not the foo-foo stuff that looks pretty but costs waaaaay too much?

Across our 18 years of living in and visiting Ottawa, we’ve been to a few restaurants. Not all of course.  But I have a few favourites that are usually overlooked by famous foodies and local magazines.

Here’s my little list, and perhaps you could share yours in the comments so we can have a “real person’s” top places in Ottawa:

Favourite No-nonsense Coffee – I Deal Coffee, Dalhousie

Favourite Milkshake – Zaks, Byward Market

Favourite French Onion Soup – Darcy McGees, Sparks Street

Favourite Cafe au Lait – Moulin de Province, Byward Market

Favourite Pizza and Greek Salad – Colonnade, Downtown

Favourite Gelato – Truffle’s Treasure, The Glebe

Favourite Hot Chocolate, again, Truffle’s Treasure, The Glebe

Favourite Pho,  Huongs, Chinatown

Favourite Breakfast Deal, Ikea  (seriously, $1!)

Next Favourite Breakfast Deal, Dunn’s on South Bank ($4.99)

Favourite Poutine, Elgin Street Diner

Favourite Combo (Soup and Bagel), Tim Horton’s

Favourite Schawarma, Schawarma Palace, Rideau St

Favourite Fish n Chips, Aulde Dubliner (but can’t hold a stick to Richard’s Seafood in PEI)

Favourite Desserts, Memories (Byward Market)

Favourite Soulvaki – Kallisto’s, South Bank

Favourite place for Chatting – The Daily Grind, Somerset West

Absolute Favourite Fajitas—Colin Bernard’s House 🙂

I know I missed a lot of ethnic foods groups; some I haven’t tried, others aren’t in my “favourite” category, or some, I simply prefer from places outside of Ottawa.

Again, please share your favourites so the rest of us can learn about good food overlooked by prima donna reviewers. Thanks!!

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