Psalm 23 – Issac Watts

Dr. Issac Watts wrote thousands of hymns, so many in fact, that it took three volumes of hymnals to hold them!   He set all the Psalms to metered verse, and some, he composed more than one version.  Here is Version III of Psalm 23:

The Lord my Shepherd is,
I shall be well supplied;
Since He is mine, and I am His,
What can I want beside?

He leads me to the place
Where heavenly pasture grows,
Where living waters gently pass,
And full salvation flows.

If e’er I go astray,
He doth my soul reclaim;
And guides me in His own right way,
For His most holy name.

While He affords His aid,
I cannot yield to fear;
Though I should walk through death’s dark shade,
My Shepherd’s with me there.

In spite of all my foes,
Thou dost my table spread;
My cup with blessings overflows,
And joy exalts my head.

The bounties of Thy love
Shall crown my following days;
Nor from Thy house will I remove,
Nor cease to speak Thy praise.

Issac Watts, 1719


And if you have a moment, listen to Jeff Major’s version of Psalm 23 in the blue Music Box to the right. Do you have a favourite musical or poetic version of Psalm 23? If so, please share it so we can all be blessed. Thanks!

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