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Be still

If only I could…. be still.  I’m away again for a week. Preparations, family concerns, and the cares of this world swirl about.  My head and files are full of drafts, recommendations for reading, more songs to share, and such.. .

How to be still, to “labour to enter into His rest”, is a dilemma with which I’m grappling.  Hectic world, busy lives, schedules, calendars, ever-present cell phones: all seek to rob us of entering into His rest.  But if possible, meditate and listen to this peaceful song, by worship leader, Sherri Youngward, called…..Peace.  I just uploaded it to the Music Box.   Blessings…


Peace, be still

Lay all your worries down

Be still, oh my soul

For our God is in control

And if God is for us

Then whom shall I fear?

And our God is for us

So lay down, be still

He is God.

Hallelujah, our God has overcome

Hallelujah, our Lord Jesus Christ

Has won

Be still, my soul

He is God.


From her album, Faces, Memories, Places.  You can learn more about Sherri and find more of her music at her website, Sherri Youngward.