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I haven’t forgotten how to blog, and I hope you haven’t forgotten me.  John and I have been spending the past week-plus with our daughters and their husbands, along with my mom, celebrating our “Family Christmas in January,” an annual event we began in 2006.  Since there hasn’t been any internet access, my writing has suffered a bit, but my social skills have greatly improved!!   I’ve really enjoyed being “in the moment!”  Time with family is too precious to share with a computer!

With that in mind, I’ll keep this post brief.  The link below is from Voice of the Martyrs, and includes a video about Iraqi Christians who are suffering in the midst of everything going on in the Middle East.  The message shared is from former Governor David Beasley, who has worked on numerous humanitarian projects in the Middle East since leaving politics.  He says that “the United States has failed in its responsibility to the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Christians who have been forced to flee religious persecution in Iraq.”

Let us not be among those who forget, but rather, remember our brothers and sisters in Christ, “as though we too, were in chains.”