Page CXVI – Good Friday to Easter

After a long absence, I’m back to share some beautiful worship music for Easter.

I’ve shared Page CXVI’s music before–but it was always for Christmas.  But their music is so much more than carols. They selected some timeless hymns for this meaningful season, and made them original.  I love hymns, and generally prefer the “ole” tunes.  But Page CXVI adds melodious strings, piano, and soft vocals to bring them into the 21st century while maintaining their eternal message!

Jesus is Lord and He is Risen!

The video preview features the song “Three” from the album:

And you can listen to all 8 songs on soundcloud:

Starting today this new CD is available for purchase on iTunes here or Page CXVI’s site.

Join me in worshipping our Lord Jesus through song!

{….I’ll be back.}

2 thoughts on “Page CXVI – Good Friday to Easter

  1. Hi Linda, first of all, it amazes me how appropriate music can speak volumes through the Spirit of Christ. I have a cousin who sings in an A Capella group which has produced several CDs. I’m sure you would enjoy their music. Here’s a link to their web page.

    One of my favorite artist is Calee Reed, you may have heard some of her music as well. I think you will enjoy this medley of two hymns; “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing & I Am A Child of God”. It’s my favorite and I could listen to it over and over and over again. . . . sometimes I do. 🙂

    Second, I was looking at Navy, Together We Served and clicked on the link for your webpage. You and your family look great. I realized it’s been 11 years since I left Ft Meade. I appreciate the AMAZING example you set and your dedication to our Savior and your family as you carried out your responsibilities as a Chief Petty Officer. I understand the importance of family and every day thank God for my family as it continues to grow. My family is doing well and I have become a very grateful grandpa of two wonderful little boys; with a third grandchild expected to be delivered in December. My second daughter (Darci) just returned from serving a 19 month mission for our church and we have been tremendously blessed because of her service. Thomas (TJ) my 19yr old has entered the DEP for the USMC and should ship off in December. Jacob, my youngest, will be a Junior this fall. We currently live in Mililani, HI as I’m still on active duty (22yrs) and stationed at NIOC Hawaii for my final tour.

    Well, this message is getting long, I should probably close it for now. Take care and thanks again for being such an AWESOME daughter of God.

    Ross Duncan

    • Ross, Wow! It’s so great to hear from you!! We think of you and your family often and are excited to hear all the great news!!

      Yes, worship music carries me through life.. the ups, downs, mediocre times, and serious battles! What a privilege we have to worship the Lord! And the Psalmists exhorts us to continue to worship and give Him glory, for we are His sheep and the people of His pasture! He is an awesome God and Saviour!

      Thanks for commenting and again, I can’t tell you how blessed I am to hear from you!

      Thank you and God Bless you richly!

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