Grace in the Details

A little change of pace for this week.  Taking time to focus on our Lord, through creation, communion and the Cross.


John said that these butterflies literally posed for the camera!  What glorious detail!

So often we are overwhelmed by the big and grand ways the Lord displays His grace towards us.  But sometimes, the tiniest of flowers, a seed, or an insect, may speak of God’s wonder in a different way.  May we learn that His love, compassion, and grace towards us is also found in the details.

8 thoughts on “Grace in the Details

    • Thank you! The camera my husband used is a Kodak 612Z, which is actually 4 years old! But he has an eye (gift) for the detail in God’s creation. Blesses me too!! I will certainly share your encouragement with him!! Happy Easter!!!


  1. Wow, really beautiful! My 8-year old daughter and I planted our first vegtable garden this spring and to watch the sprouts come forth is amazing and exciting. I hear what you are saying about the details of God’s Grace. Love it!! And thank you for pointing it out and reminding us of it, too.
    PS Happy Easter!!!

  2. I loved these butterfly & lilac photos…and the beautiful blue sky behind making the pictures ‘pop’! I remember our walk through your gorgeous yard last spring. I took so many photos that day! Sweet memories.
    I hope you had a special Resurrection Sunday! ~ love & miss you, kay

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