Wholly Surrendered

I wish I had better control of the songs and tunes that float through my brain.  Sometimes, out of the blue, I’ll start *hearing* or humming a tune from my past dark ages, and wonder, “where in the world did THAT come from?” 

The only way to combat the ol’ tunes is to begin singing, thinking on, and uploading new ones to my brain.  Life-giving songs, that minister grace.  That’s one reason I frequently share songs on this site, and even have a Music Box where you can listen to them, over and over.  A few other reasons are:

  1. So we can magnify the Lord together!  See Psalm 34:3
  2. To share something with others that blesses me.
  3. To, perhaps, introduce a fellow reader to a new song or group.
  4. And, to get a head-start on worship, this side of heaven!

 Many of you probably already know today’s song, Sweetly Broken, but may need to get its message into your mind (and heart) afresh.  The world’s voices yell out fear and anxiety, our flesh shouts for inappropriate desires, and Satan subtly seeks to fill our minds with accusations.   We don’t have to surrender to those thoughts.   By singing new songs of the Lord, and His great love, we are placing that ‘helmet of salvation’ over our minds.  Don’t surrender…be wholly surrendered…to the Lord.

Sweetly Broken
by Jeremy Riddle

To the cross I look
To the cross I cling.
Of its suffering I do drink.
Of its work I do sing.
On it my Savior, both bruised and crushed,
showed that God is love, and God is just.


At the cross You, beckon me,
draw me gently, to my knees and I am,
lost for words
so, lost in love
I’m, sweetly broken,
wholly surrendered!


What a priceless gift, undeserved life
have I been given through Christ crucified.
You’ve called me out of death. You’ve called me into life.
And I was under Your wrath,
now through the cross, I’m reconciled.


At the cross You, beckon me,
draw me gently, to my knees and I am,
lost for words so, lost in love,
I’m sweetly broken,
wholly surrendered!


At the cross You, beckon me,
draw me gently, to my knees and I am,
lost for words so, lost in love, I’m sweetly broken,
wholly surrendered!


In awe of the cross I must confess,
how wondrous Your redeeming love
and how great is Your faithfulness!


At the cross You, beckon me,
You draw me gently, to my knees
and I am, lost for words so, lost in love,
I’m sweetly broken,
wholly surrendered!

Listen and worship with this song in the Music Box!   Surrender to His Song today, not the world’s.


7 thoughts on “Wholly Surrendered

  1. Dearest Linda,
    I haven’t been here in a while… but you came to my mind this morning, and here I am to visit you …

    This song by Jeremy Riddle was our theme song at the Elijah House School of Prayer Ministry Level 1 that I attended last August… it has become one of my ongoing favorites. The words and the music are just so meaningful. So I am thankful to you for featuring it on your blog today.

    Love the new look of your blog…

    Hope all has been well with you!

    Love always

    • Dear Lidj,
      You are always such a blessing and encourager! I still marvel at how our lives seems to follow similar directions as submit to the Lord. Please let me know if there’s any new books you’re interested in reading/receiving. And I may have a couple in mind that I think you’ll like.

      Let me know! Love, Linda

  2. Linda,
    Thanks for this post! I really needed it. My fast from facebook has been really good for me. It’s been a tiring week, though. I can feel the dark forces trying to pull my husband and me down. My mother-in-law is in the hospital for a possible heart attack and we are finding that things are worse off than we thought. She has given up, which is the worst news we’ve gotten. Prayers are greatly appreciated. We aren’t going to Kentucky at this point, but fear we may be heading that way sooner than expected for a funeral. It’s amazing how Christ shows us His calming presence, though. Today it was little red buds on trees reminding me that Spring is in fact coming. Thank you for the reminder that I must cling to Him in all things, especially the hard times.


  3. Dear Constance,
    I love your name by the way–always have. Reminds me of the constancy and faithfulness of our Lord!! I’m so thankful for the life in Christ we share–it makes me feel closer to you than I could have ever felt in the Navy! I will keep your mother-in-law in prayer, as well as the entire family. And really praying you get a break from the morning sickness stuff!

    Your comment reminded me of a little song we used to sing with our girls. It goes,
    “I hold not the Rock, but the Rock holds me, the Rock holds me, the Rock holds me,
    I’m standing on the Rock, the Rock of God, standing on the Rock, Christ Jesus!”

    So as much as we cling…He holds on tighter. Nice to know!

  4. Hi Linda, I really liked this message because too often we fall short in surrendering it all to our Lord. This praise song is so awesome. And I like what you said because I want to get a head-start on worship this side of heaven too!

  5. Hello Linda! I just came across your blog via the tag surfer this afternoon. I wanted to let you know that I too will get songs popping into my head that come completely from my own time in darkness. When I came to Christ, I was convicted to discard the music from my pagan life and focus completely on music that glorifies Him. Sweetly Broken is one of those gems I hold dear to my heart. Thank you for sharing!

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