Hitherto…and beyond


“Hitherto has the Lord helped us.”  I Samuel 7:12


As we close out one year of Grace and head into another, Spurgeon encourages us that our faithful Lord, who carried us through 2010, will be with us each and every step of our journey into 2011:

The word “hitherto” seems like a hand pointing in the direction of the past.  Whether for twenty years or seventy, “hitherto has the Lord helped us!”  Through poverty, wealth, sickness, health, at home, abroad, on the land, on the sea, in honour, in dishonour, in perplexity, in joy, in trial, in triumph, in prayer, in temptation–hitherto has the Lord helped us!

We delight to look down a long avenue of trees.  It is delightful to gaze from end to end of the long vista, a sort of verdant temple, with its branching pillars and its arches of leaves, In the same way, look down the long aisles of your years, at the green boughs of mercy overhead, and the strong pillars of lovingkindness and faithfulness that bear up your joys.  The birds in the boughs all sing of mercy received hitherto.

But the word also point forward.  For when one gets up to a certain mark and writes “hitherto,” he is not yet at the end; there is still distance to be traversed. 

More trials, more joys;

more temptations, more triumphs;

more prayers, more answers;

more toils, more strength;

more fights, more victories; 

and then comes sickness, old age, disease, and death. [!]  Is it over now?


There is still more awakening in Jesus’ likeness, thrones, songs, psalms, the face of Jesus, the fellowship of believers, the glory of God, the fullness of eternity, the infinity of bliss.

Be of good courage, believer, and with grateful confidence know that,

 He who has helped you hitherto, will help you all your journey through!    [1]


[1]  In Spurgeon’s discussion above, the older English word, hitherto, means “thus far” or ‘until now.”  


3 thoughts on “Hitherto…and beyond

  1. That was so encouraging!
    Hitherto we have had 31 years of fellowship in our Lord Jesus Christ and looking foward to the “beyond” left here and then eternally!

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