Wordless Wish


Does God hear my wishes as prayers?
I breathe a little sigh
         wish a wish without words
               barely aware of a passing desire
                     and wonder if something may be, or could be…
then it vanishes like the flame on a birthday candle
blown out, fading, the wordless wish is nearly forgotten.

Yet, God heard a prayer
He felt the weight of that sigh
          captured a tear in His bottle,
                  and the wordless wish
He wrote in His book.

Then He answered..
       He fulfilled the unspoken,
              made a silent wish come true.


“He fulfills the desire of those who fear him; he also hears their cry and saves them.” Psalm 145:19

One thought on “Wordless Wish

  1. Dear Linda,
    Thank you for this poem, and for the quote from Psalm 145. So timely, and so apt for me.

    John’s winter photos are beautiful, as always.

    Thank you for your recent visit to my blog place, and the kind comments you left.

    May you have a lovely and meaningful Christmas season.


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