Hymns 4 MMX

Do you like hymns? You know I do!  The group Page CXVI has just released their third CD of updated hymns.  They are experts at maintaining what I like best about hymns–the lyrics and the music!  After some disappointments from other artists who twist a hymn around so much that I barely recognize it, I offer KUDOS to Page CXVI for individualizing these timeless tunes, without ruining them!  Thank you!! 

Check out their website HERE. 

You can listen to entire songs, and often get a free download HERE before deciding whether to purchase a CD.  Their music is available through download and regular CD purchase.  I’m fairly sure that my (humble in number and gracious) readers will love this group, and be lifted to worship through their talents!

2 thoughts on “Hymns 4 MMX

  1. I love hymns too… and have felt saddened by modern remixed versions of my fave hymns.

    This is such good news, that there is such a group.

    Looking forward to listening to some of their productions!

    Hope all continues to be well with you.

    My second grandson was born last Saturday (Nov 13) with some complications, but we are believing that these are all under the sovereign care of our Almighty God. Please pray for Andre Elijah.


    • Dear Lidj,
      I will be praying for your Grandson Andre. Please keep me posted. These little ones are so precious in His sight and ours, so we can trust our Lord like no other. But that doesn’t make such challenges easy. Thankfully, the Lord hears our groans, cries, sighs, and weeping, and receives them all as prayer. So even if you don’t know how to verbalize your heart, the Lord already knows it, feels it, and interceeds with us!
      Thank you for your ‘stopping’ by and sharing! I’m so glad we’re friends! Love, Linda

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