8 thoughts on “Love Answered

  1. Absolutely amazingly breath-taking, isn’t it? Whenever I see anything about space (like how far it goes), or when we have had the opportunity to see life under the sea (like snorkeling in Indonesia), I am in complete AWE that God not only created the life and things we see, but LOADS more in places the human eye will never see. He didn’t have to, but He did anyway. When I see giraffes I think, “God must have a sense of humor”. When I see amazing color under the ocean I think, “God must love diversity”. And when I look up into the sky I think, “God is SO BIG and yet He created me and loves me”. It’s too much to wrap my mind around, but I’m so thankful to be a child to that kind of Father and Creator! Humbled actually. And amazed.

    • Thank you, and Amen, Carrie! Amazing! God’s creativity IS ‘awe-some’ and we can’t grasp it all. Like yourself, I love those nature shows where deep sea cameras reveal all the microscopic and beautiful creatures that no one could see otherwise. He’s the Lord of the BIG and small.

      I wanted to post this quote from Dr. Vernon Grounds, but didn’t have an appropriate reference for it..

      “Considering the utter insignificance of our earth, it is hard to believe that the Creator of the cosmos cares about what happens to the human family that has been cynically described as a semi-invisible rash on the skin of a sub-microscopic planet in a second rate solar system…..The astonishing truth is that God DOES care!”

  2. LOVE Jesus! He has been writing His love letter to us, since before we were created.. He readied our home, like a parent nests, and prepares for their first newborn~ Beautiful reminder that puts things into perspective

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