The Value of Restored Joy

“I waited patiently for the Lord, and He inclined to me and heard my cry.  He drew me up from the pit of destruction, out of the miry bog, and set my feet upon a rock, making my steps secure.  He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God.   Many will see and fear, and will trust in the Lord.”      Psalm 40:1-3


What price can be set on restored joy?

What value is the heart of one set free to sing a new song to God?

The Lord spares no expense as He reaches out  to restore  joy, to set free, and to draw the one to Himself.   Jesus taught and illustrated the value He places on one restored life:

     Leaving the 99 sheep for the 1

     Making a clean sweep of the house to find 1 coin

     Watching, waiting, months, perhaps years, for the 1 son

“What a waste!”  thought the religious leaders surrounding Jesus. 

Why this waste?”  wondered the onlookers as the woman poured out the costly perfume over Jesus’ head and feet.

It’s apparent Jesus had fundamentally different values than those around him…and us.  The world blatantly advertises its values–appearance, youth, security, success, pleasure, and achievement.   Then there’s my own little world or kingdom, with my personal investments in comfort, security, avoidance of conflict, and validity or acceptance from others.  

But God’s kingdom is righteousness, peace, and joy.  His kingdom is where one matters as much as many, the poor in spirit are rich, mourning turns to joy, beauty to ashes, meekness becomes honour, and being spent or giving away, means great gain.   My kingdom is seen, light-weight and temporal.  His kingdom is unseen, weighty and eternal.  Lasting.  Enduring. 

His kingdom is marked by extravagant love, mercy, kindness and grace.  No holding back…even bordering on the appearance of wastefulness.  So whose values are skewed?  Mine or God’s?  The answer is obvious and it’s where I am both challenged, and hopefully, growing in daily.  Through extravagant choices and “wasteful” decisions, the Lord has graciously allowed me to see restoration unfold in someone’s life, with joy and a new song in their heart!

So, back to the original question:

Of what value is the heart of one restored, or the joy of a new song in one’s life? 

The Psalm above says, when joy is restored in one….many will see, and trust in the Lord.

How much is THAT worth?!

4 thoughts on “The Value of Restored Joy

  1. He certainly is patient, He watched me for years, and gave me my namesake back–what once was lost, has been found, I was blind, but now I truly see, he was there all along, waiting for lil me…

  2. I pray this for various family members as well and ask that God can use me in their lives to bring restoration to Him. May we always keep in mind that we never know who is watching us or how we are making an impact. It’s a huge responsibility, but one I am thankful for (most of the time – unless I fail royally!). Great post!

  3. Just got back to your place, Linda. This post is something indeed. Firstly, the passage is one of my all-time faves, it was spoken to me in 1992 at a time when I was going through deep personal pain. A British man who had a spiritual gift of a word of knowledge gave it to me and said that God was depositing in me a valuable gift of restoration — that many may see and hear and rejoice.

    It didn’t happen right away, but eventually the promised restoration came about. I write about that journey in my blog. And because I cried out to God to fill my heart with His joy once again, He did! Now I am God’s mouthpiece in the midst of this joyless generation — declaring that the joy of the Lord is our strength.

    How I loved this post, dear Linda. I appreciate your having written about the two kingdoms – one is seen, lightweight and temporary, and the other one is unseen, heavy, and eternal.

    Those are the two things I often think about – the contrast. Yes God’s love is prodigal…wasteful. But God’s economy is far different from this world’s economy.

    In the world’s kingdom, business thrives by buying and selling. Always an exchange in terms of the material, even though actual cash will not actually be involved. Something is sold, something is bought.

    In God’s kingdom, there is a divine exchange… we are called to buy from Him without money! And God’s “business” is conducted through giving and receiving!

    These thoughts are actually the things brewing in my heart, the topic of a future blog entry. So I am truly amazed to read what you have written on this post.

    It truly resonates in my heart!

    Thanks for the offer of a book or two. I’m a booklover…have to admit I’ll gladly receive your gift. Will find a way to email you, soon.


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