Beautiful Treasure

[Today’s song and post are dedicated to my MOM.  We spent the past couple of weeks together visiting grandbabies [her greats-], sharing smoothies, and worshipping  in church.  We sang this song to Jesus, Who has given me a beautiful treasure in a mother, and made us sisters too!]

There are so many wonderful names for our Lord and Saviour, Jesus.  Rose of Sharon evokes the wonder we discover in the fragility and strength, fragrance and beauty of the renown flower.  King of Kings reminds us that governments and rulers will always be under the reign of our Sovereign Saviour. And there’s so many more!

In the following worship song by Stephen Altrogge  (Sovereign Grace Music), we focus our attention, words, and praise on more of His worthy names and titles:


He is Jesus
by Stephen Altrogge


There’s a treasure great in beauty
Far surpassing earth’s great wealth
He is Jesus, Prince of Glory
Source of all grace, peace, and health
There’s a fountain ever flowing
Satisfying all who drink

He is Jesus, spring of joy
To all who hail Him as their King

There’s a power, holy power
Breaking bonds of captive men
He is Jesus, mighty Jesus
Holy warrior and sinner’s friend
There’s a Savior rich in mercy
Quick to pardon all our sins

He is Jesus, great Redeemer
Reconciling God and man

There’s a glorious Lord returning
And all will bow to Him alone
He is Jesus, King of nations
Reigning from His gracious throne
There is one to whom our praises
Will through every age ascend

He is Jesus, King forever
Whose wondrous rule will never end.


You can listen to this wonderful worship song in the Blue Music Box to the right.  Let us worship Him Who alone is Worthy!

What is one of your favourite names or titles of the Lord?

One thought on “Beautiful Treasure

  1. Mom, this is beautiful, and you are so precious a mom to me! I am sorry your card must make it through border checks, pray it gets there soon 🙂 I just want you to know that this site is a blessing and is truly a huge reflection, of the light that is in you from the Lord–a gift. I can almost hear you singing the hymns next to me when I click on the hymns you post, I love you so much for all you have done, for who you are, and who you desire to become–In Him

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