It’s Our Anniversary!

“I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine…”  Song of Songs 6:3

1 May, 1976


A lovely birthday, Sept 2009

At our daughter, Grace's wedding, 2008

Visiting Quebec City, 2005

Today is our 34th wedding anniversary!  We celebrate it with thankfulness and great humility, knowing that the Lord is the source of our relationship, as well as the sustainer! 

This is a little verse we’re holding onto for this year…and, Lord willing, many to come:

“…to live for the rest of the time in the flesh no longer for human passions but for the will of God.”  I Peter 4:2



9 thoughts on “It’s Our Anniversary!

  1. Thank you for sending me and my husband on a date on YOUR anniversary! You and dad babysat and even paid for our date!! So blessed by your love for each other and for us… after all these years.

    • Thank you, Hopey!! The day was a gift to US too! A time to enjoy our ‘children’s children”, which the Word describes as one of the ultimate blessings in this life! Only wish we could stop time to hang onto every moment! As you said, someday we won’t have anymore “lasts”, because eternity will be ever-Lasting!! Until then, we long to savour each and every moment the Lord gives us with thankful hearts! Love you, Mom

  2. Great pictures! Happy (belated) 34th anniversary! The years go by so quickly – it’s hard to believe our first 10 years have gone by and Peter just said last night that he was pretty sure the next 10 will go by just as fast. My folks will celebrate their 50th anniversary this year – long marriages that honor the Lord are certainly blessings and encouragements! May you have many, many more years together to serve Him!

    • Thank you Carrie! Yes, the next 10 will probably go by even faster! I don’t exactly know why, but it will. From reading your blog, your parents sound like truly wonderful people, and I pray our marriage and days ahead will honour the Lord as much as they already have!!

      Blessings to you and Peter, Linda

  3. Linda,

    You guys look so great together….and after so many years, still follow of joy. Congratulations as you celebrate 34 years of love and marital harmony. May the Lord continue to bless and lift the countenance of your marriage in this new season…and for a long time to come. Thank you for being an example in our times.

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU from my family!!!!

    Love and hugs,


  4. It was special to be with you both on your anniversary. I was pleased to see you sacrifice your celebrating to give Hope and Andrew some quality time to themselves.

    • Mom,
      Thank YOU for helping us!! It was an honour to be with you for your birthday, our anniversary, and *almost* Mother’s Day! We all love you so much! Our family is blessed by your beautiful spirit and service to the Lord!
      Love, Linda

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