After Two Years

 “And of His fulness we have received and grace upon grace.  For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ.”  John 1:16,17

I started this blog just over two years ago.  In celebration, I’ve given the blog a new look!   There’s so many WordPress themes to choose from, that I may try something different every week! 

When I considered a name for this blog, I knew GRACE had to be the central theme, for above all, I longed for readers, droppers- by, and Google searchers to learn of the riches of God’s grace through Jesus Christ.  Sovereign, sacrificial, perfect, and absolute.  

Absolute:  Complete, pure, unrestricted, independent, unqualified, unconditional, self-existent and conceivable without relation to other things.

Grace:  Unmerited favour of God, inspiring and strengthening influence, unconstrained goodwill. 

Absolutegrace exists to humbly proclaim the perfect, pure, unqualified, unconditional, and unmerited favour of God towards us, which He demonstrated through the life, death, and resurrection of His Son, Jesus!

After two years, I hope I’ve not deviated (much) from the main purpose of this blog.  I haven’t carved out a great place in the blogosphere, or gathered grand numbers, or made any money from blogging.  I’m still a novice.  But I’ve learned a lot from blogging, and even more so, from reading other’s.   I’ve been reminded of my lack of discipline, and quake under the broad range and reach of other’s talents.   And, I’m struggling to learn the lessons of  ‘not comparing myself with others,’ but focus on glorifying the Lord and “ministering grace to the hearers.”

After two years,

I’ve also learned:

Everyone loves music, pictures, and babies.
Friends and family are too kind. 
There’s wonderful Christians in the blogger world. 
A LOT of people are searching for God, truth, and forgiveness on the internet. 
Friendships can be made through blogging.  And have been…

I’ve made new friends:

Lidj in the Philippines
PreacherPen in Florida
Michael Brewer in the Navy
and Beth in Tennessee
Gladwell, from Kenya, living in Poland
Ele, Counselor and Author
Mercedes in the UK
, and many others

These posts were read most:

His Passion
Life is Loud  (“grinch” goggle searches 🙂 )
Psalm 23: Keith Green
Grace in Marriage
Worship with Mary Barrett and 2 other posts about her
Hands that Care
Artist and Missionary:  Lilias Trotter

I wish these were read more:

The Bible, God’s Word
A Secret Place
Thankful for God’s Word
Resting in Jesus

John’s Journals

I hope to:

Post more thoughts from John, because he has a lot of good ones 🙂
Share more of his photos
Change my webpage theme periodically, as I mentioned earlier.

What do you think of this one?  Please let me know how it appears, or if you prefer the old way.

Please, I’d love to hear from you, what you like, what could be improved, or suggestions for posts, discussions, and music.  Thank you for coming back again and again. 

You are precious to me and devoted to a fault!     Blessings!

10 thoughts on “After Two Years

  1. Happy 2nd anniversary, Linda. Will there be any toasts? I am happy for you and I know heaven is rejoicing with you today as you tell the world what the Lord has done for you, in you and through you in these last 2 years. God, after all is not looking for experts but for novices like you and me…who are just but willing to do great exploits in HIM! Glad to have found you and may our friendship know no bounds. IN HIS NAME.

    You are blessed and are a blessing to me and many out there!!



  2. Congratulations on 2 years! We’ll see if I’m still blogging in 2 years – guess I need to learn to pace myself! 😉 Thanks for all your good thought-provoking posts – they are a blessing to me. As for your new layout – I like simple. 🙂 Have a great day and be blessed!

  3. Congratulations. And at the same time, consider how much blogs have changed over the years. They started out as being just web diaries for individuals, but today, they are more like editorials.

    Plus, your site looks great. Nice clean lines.

  4. Two years – quite impressive! I hope I have as many thought-provoking and encouraging posts to share as you do when I hit that mark! I love the new look, by the way… I’m big on white backgrounds for blogs – they look clean, uncluttered, and are easier on the eyes, I think…. I look forward to seeing more from you! God bless!

  5. Happy anniversary! I love the new look…loved the old one too. Will be interested to see the different looks if you decide to change it occasionally. Mostly I love your sweet spirit Linda, and your faithfulness to the Lord is an inspiration to me. Isn’t it interesting the different personalities he makes us all? It would be so boring if we were the same. I find myself at times wishing I was more like someone else…several times I’ve thought I wished I was more like you. But I suppose the good Lord knew what he was doing to make you YOU and me ME. LOL Love you Linda! xo

  6. Thank you so much for your encouragement and gracious well-wishes! I appreciate the comments so much. Knowing you are ‘out there,’ keeps me honest and accountable! I’m sure you’ve discovered the same thing as you blog 🙂

    May the Lord continue to be glorified through all of our journalings and journeyings! I look forward to your milestones as well!!

    Blessings! Linda

  7. Congratulations on your second year! Wow, we’re the same, I also celebrated my second year blog anniversary a few weeks ago!

    I have really enjoyed having you as a blog friend. So precious, so kind, so warm! That’s what you are.

    If you ask me, I love the old look of your blog better.

    But this one is also great. But I prefer the old look.

    Love to you, and congratulations!


    • Hello Lidj,
      Yes, it seems the Lord was speaking to us around the same time to journal/blog of God’s riches in Christ Jesus!

      I’m so thankful to have you as a friend as well. I’ve learned so much from you about trusting the Lord, walking through the valley, and finding your peace and joy in Jesus!

      I like the old look better too! However, the change is a little exercise in trying new things, so for now, I’ll keep trying. Maybe I’ll end up going back to the original theme 🙂

      Thanks, love, and prayers, Linda

  8. Hi Linda,

    My second anniversary will be in June and again the blogging experience has been and continues to be amazing. Perhaps I shall do a kind of post like your one when and if I hit the two year mark.

    With regards to the look of your blog, it does not really matter what the blog looks like. It’s the spirit behind it that will make your readers come back again and again, as it has done me.

    By the way, John’s photos are breathtaking. Does he do that for a living? If not, maybe he should.

    Wouldn’t it be good to meet up one day? I am very aware that there are a few of us who often comment on each other’s blogs because we obviously relate to each other’s stages of growth in our journey and share of the same spirit. Wouldn’t it be tremendous to one day meet face to face? I feel like I know some of you quite well already.

    I know some other people whose blog I read, that have actually met through the blog and then gone on to meet in person. Though I am in the UK, I remain hopeful that one day I will get to meet some of you and celebrate as one what has brought us together.

    May the Lord bless you as you continue to seek His face.

    With love and prayers,

    • Mercdedes,
      Yes, How great it would be to meet on this side of eternity!! There’s quite a cadre of people I would love to meet in the here and now! If we should ever be in your ‘neighborhood,’ I will let you know.

      John loves photography, and for that very reason, doesn’t want to do it for a living 🙂 He’s shot several weddings and was a nervous wreck each time! ha! He loves nature, sunrises, and all God’s glorious creation. I will pass on your acknowledgement and praise to him.

      Looking forward to growing in the Lord together, whether near or far! Blessings!

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