Tweet Prayers

Technology is….what you make it.  While many have their doubts about Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.. I find in them a potential for ministry, witness, and encouragement.  True, you have to look for it. But the same could be said for, well…life.  

Anyhow, here are some “Tweet Prayers”, of people calling out to the Lord with prayer requests that we can partake in: 

~Heavy heart today 4 little ones battling tumors on brain & spine. Praying 4 these families today: Belle Mitchell, Kate McRae, Adri Patterson

~I love that my Jesus is big enough to heal Haiti, and personal enough to heal little Kate Mcrae. Praying.

~Video Update from Matt Chandler {See a most amazing young minister waring against Brain Cancer- pray with us.

~Rescue workers hearing sounds of life in hotel wreckage! Dan tells us David had pack with energy bars and water. Please breathe a prayer

~A statement from David Hame’s wife. Keep praying.

~Haitians pray, cry for help in the ruins (AP)

~Pray for the miltary personnel in Haiti who are giving humanitarian aid there.


Tweet interpretation:

Please pray for 5-year old Kate McCrae and her family in their continued search for wisdom and help re. Kate’s brain tumor.  For Matt Chandler, as he continues treatment for his brain tumour.  And for David Hame, the only Compassion staff member not yet found in Haiti. 


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Blessings, Linda

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