My Reading Plan for 2010

Jessica, at her Life as Mom blog, started an initiative to list at least 12 books which one hopes to read in 2010.  If you’re interested in reading her original post about this, click here.  

I  truly love to read, so I can’t wait to get started!  Some books are already in my ‘library’, but others, I will have to purchase.  I’ve provided a link for each book, in case you want to know more about them.  Here’s my hopeful list for the year:

  1. Dug Down Deep,  Josh Harris.   His latest.
  2. Broken-Down House,  Paul David Tripp,  His latest too.  In Progress
  3. Spurgeon’s Sermons, Vol 1.  I have all 5 volumes, so I NEED to get through at least one this year
  4. The Valley of Vision, Arthur Bennett.   I’ve read excerpts but not its entirety.
  5. The Pilgrim’s Progress, John Bunyan.  One of my favourite re-reads. In progress!
  6. Before Green Gables, Budge Wilson.  A prequel to the Anne of Green Gables, written in the same tone as the series by Lucy M Montgomery–I’ve already started this one.  For fun!  DONE and Reviewed!
  7. Little Dorritt, Charles Dickens.   I saw the BBC mini=series of this and now HAVE to read it!  How did I missed this Dickens classic?? In progress!
  8. Lecture to My Students, Charles Spurgeon.  I’ve read so many quotes from this book, that my interest is truly peaked!
  9. Anne of  Avonlea, Lucy Maud Montgomery.  For Fun!
  10. Transforming Together: Authentic Spiritual Mentoring, Ele Parrot.  I met Ele at a Finisher’s conference and want to learn more from her wise and gentle spirit.
  11. Jonathan Edwards: A Life,  Prof. George Marsden. I want to learn more about this inspirational and acclaimed Puritan preacher and writer.
  12. Captain Horatio Hornblower,   C. S. Forester.  Another tale I’ve seen on BBC, and now must read, especially since I’ve owned the book for over 40 years!
  13. A Shelter in the Time of Storm, Mediations on God and Trouble.  Paul David Tripp.  I just added this and am already reading it!!

What’s missing?  “Much!”  But some books that I read regularly aren’t listed above, such as The Bible, and Spurgeon’s devotional, Morning by Morning

What say you?  Any favourites that you recommend?  My list is not hard and fast (for the most part), so I’d love to hear about any recommendations and ‘must-reads’ in your book!

10 thoughts on “My Reading Plan for 2010

  1. I hadn’t heard of Josh’s latest book – sounds like you’ve got some interesting reading ahead of you. I re-read the Anne books every few years and love them! 🙂

    • Carrie,
      If you love Anne books, you’d really enjoy visiting Prince Edward Island. Have you ever been there? We stayed in a little beach cottage for about 3 weeks in 2005–a retirement gift to myself, as it were 🙂 Saw the “Anne” play, went to Cavendish, the Avonlea-inspired town, where LMM grew up, etc. Can’t wait to go back—-someday *sigh*

      Also, have you read “Before Green Gables?” Just wondering what you thought of it.
      Blessings AND warmth to you, Linda

  2. Hi Linda…thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a gracious comment. I love reading other people’s book lists. I don’t have a planned list, but I do have a stack on the back of my couch (I have to lie down several times a day because of an ongoing back problem). Since you asked for recommendations, I would have to say Common Sense Christian Living by Edith Schaeffer. I’m about 2/3 of the way through the book, and loving it. If you’re like me, you have several books going at the same time….I’ve got a blog post in the works with my own list, so come over for a visit soon! Have a blessed day!

    • Emily,
      Thanks for visiting and also offering the book recommendation. I’m very interested in any book by Edith Schaeffer! Another of my favourite women authors is Elizabeth Elliott. She’s so practical AND convicting!

      See you again, on your blog or mine! Blessings, Linda

  3. I’ve always wanted to get to PEI, but it has never happened – even when we lived in Boston and were “so” close (well, closer than living in Tennessee!). I haven’t read the “Before Green Gables” books either…I have a hang-up about reading books based on other books by other authors (thinking of a couple of Jane Austen want-to-be books based on HER characters, Pre-and-Post-Little House books, and now this one). I so love the originals by LMM and Jane Austen and Laura Wilder – I’d rather read a totally new book without thinking about characters that I already know about. It’s just a little quirk of mine. 🙂 However, if you read it and it’s amazing – please let me know! ;-D Blessings!

  4. Carrie, Yes, I know exactly what you mean about all those pre-post-wanna-be books. So we’ll see. This newest book was recommended to me by a lifelong LM Montgomery aficianado, who’s read everyone of her books (several times)—none other than my son-in-law, Andrew!

    I’ll let you know!! Linda

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