My Christmas Prayer

Do your expectations of Christmas often leave you more stressed than blessed?  A few years ago, while quickly sliding down that stressful path towards Christmas, I wrote down a prayer to help me focus on a God-glorifying Season! I just “happened” to come across this prayer again, and realize I need to pray it again–TODAY! Perhaps, you want to join me?

“Thank you Lord for Your immeasurable love, grace, and mercy towards us! If I but stopped my hectic life for a minute and reflected on Your power and authority over all the heavens, earth, every life and breath–I would be humbled greatly to realize how small, how subject I am to You.   May I offer every moment in praise because You have given me life, redemption, grace, and eternal promises!

Now, keep me aware and focused on You, particularly as unfounded expectations and stresses of this Season come upon me.  Help me to:

~Rest in You

~Put others first

~Seek to give spiritual gifts, lie a compassionate heart, listening ear, gracious words, a timely hug

~Keep each day in perspective to the CROSS

~Not be overwhelmed to do unnecessary things or purchase  unnecessary gifts

~Make the most of the moment with each person I’m with

~Keep a thankful heart and attitude

~Point others to Christ

~Continue in an unceasing exercise of prayer

~Nor forget about the many, many others who have less, who are suffering, in pain, or being persecuted

~Remember the military and their families, who are either separated or going through grief and mourning

~Really hear and listen to the music of Christmas that angels first sang to shepherds and kings

~Be filled with your peace in every situation and minister that peace to others

~Be a vessel for the Holy Spirit to discern a need, and not pass by an opportunity to minister your grace and love

~Most of all, glorify, praise, be in awe of, and focus on Your Son, Jesus, whose birth we celebrate and who desires to enter our hearts and abide with us 

Abide in Me Lord, and help me abide in You. In Your Name, Amen.”



PS. The header was shot by our friend, Elaine, of her house in Cantley, Quebec.  We’ve been there at Christmas, and yes, it’s as inviting as it looks!  That’s because of Mike and Elaine’s warm hearts and loving hospitality. 

4 thoughts on “My Christmas Prayer

    • Marianne,
      Which is why I need to pray this more than most! To not think about myself, but to make it about the Lord, to glorify Him and bless others!

      And of course, not just at Christmas 🙂

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