4 thoughts on “The Truth According to Linus

  1. I’ve always loved this. In 3rd grade, my Sunday night class teacher at church had us all memorize this passage from Luke, and she used this scene to help us learn it! To this day, I can quote the Christmas story by heart…. thanks to Linus! Love those Peanuts!

  2. I’ll have to ditto Beth’s response – it’s why I know Luke 2 as well. My mom tried the traditional memorization method (write it down, have me read it over and over, take it away, try to remember what I read, etc), but all it took was a few times watching this on TV, and I got it. Possibly the best Christmas short ever made…the true Meaning of Christmas shines through…and they still play in on TV every year (unless it’s bumped by someone…).

    • You and Beth had awesome moms!

      [wish I had thought of it *sigh*]

      That “someone” is a grinch. Delayed decision regarding surge, used West Point as a photo op, and now, some Marines will head over before Christmas! If there was no apparent hurry in his decision, why can’t the warriors wait ’til after Christmas?! This is the extent of my political rant [for today]!

      Btw,we love the Christmas Card!! Your smiles are so bright and encourage me everytime I give the card a glance!

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