Christmas Perks

I’m a Christmas person. 

As a Christian, this fact may be easily understood, because Christmas is a time when it seems like everyone is celebrating our Lord’s birth.  Of course, we know that’s not true.  But we can dream…pray…believe.

But I also love Christmas for the perks that happen only at this  time of year.

The Utmost Perks:

1.  First and foremost.  Christmas music.  Hymns mostly, Handel’s Messiah, and Charlie Brown music 🙂

2.  December weather…snow, cold nights, fireplaces, and winter sports.

3.  Christmas goodies.  I make fudge, almond macaroons, thumbprint cookies, and may, on occasion, dust off my cookie press–but only at Christmas.  And all the stores–especially military commissaries–carry unique items that are only displayed and sold between Thanksgiving Halloween and New Year’s Day.

4.  Christmas lights, especially the little white ones, subtly peeking out from cozy houses, shop windows, winter branches, fence posts, and odd places, like the auto parts store.

5.  Christmas movies.   Everyone has their favourites.  The two that top my list are, It’s a Wonderful Life, and A Christmas Carolthe 1951 version of Dickens’ book, starring  Alistair Simms.   Other faves include all the other Dicken’s adaptation on film and Charlie Brown’s Christmas Special (the original).

During this ‘festive time of year’, I hope to share some of these perks with you!  These may include uploaded Christmas music, YouTube excerpts, lyrics and history of a hymn or two, and maybe even a recipe!  And if you look carefully, there’s already some snow flakes falling across the page (thanks to the folks at WordPress!)

Periodically, check the blue Music box for uploaded Christmas tunes.  Today’s addition is “Joy to the World“, from Casting Crowns’ Christmas CD entitiled Peace on Earth.

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