Birthday Wish and Prayer

Another birthday!  Thankful for the days and years the Lord has given me to experience His love and grace in my life!  I could share so much—but in the midst of visits with our family and fellowship with dear friends, I will wait for another time.

For now, my birthday wish and prayer is that my readers would look closely at some links on this page.  Please look at the ministries worthy of attention and support (like Open Doors), and read the encouraging posts of others, more profound in their communications than I, under my Blogroll.  It would bless me so much if you discover Lidja of Crown of Beauty, Pastor Ron of PreachersPen, Tony Reinke of Cross-Centered Blog, or Mike’s, Diary of a Broken Vessel….just to mention a few. 

Thank you and please enjoy their devotions, insight, and encouragement in the Word.  And don’t forget to listen to some beautiful music in the Blue Music Box!  Blessings to all!!

One thought on “Birthday Wish and Prayer

  1. Dear friend,
    I pray that this year God will draw you closer to His heart, and allow you to see many facets of His character that you have never seen before.

    I have just posted on my blog three of your posts on Monument of Grace.

    Thank you for gracing my blog, Linda!


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