Revelation Song

“An everlasting love demands an everlasting song from thee!” 
John Kent, 1803

“Nor for our duties or desert but of His own abounding grace,
He works salvation in our hearts, and forms a people for His praise.” 
Issac Watts, 1709

“Teach me, Lord, on earth to show by my love, how much I owe.”
Robert Murray McCheyne, 1837

“Grace! ’tis a charming sound! Harmonious to the ear!
Heaven with the echo shall resound, and all the earth shall hear!”
Phillip Doddridge, 1755/Augustus Toplady, 1776


Today, join your voice with myriads of recipients of God’s amazing grace, in deserving song and praise to our King of Kings:



This worship song was written by Jennie Lee Riddle, and recorded by several Christian artists including, Kari Jobe, Phillips, Craig, and Dean, among a few.  This version features Kari Jobe’s crystal clear voice and may be found at


[You can also listen to this in the blue Music Box.]

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