A Monument of Grace – You!

“A monument of grace, a sinner saved by blood..”  John Kent, 1803

When I wrote earlier that I long to be a ‘monument of grace,’ I realized that such a declaration could sound prideful or be misunderstood.  On the contrary, given the context of the hymn and Scriptures, a monument of grace is not an invincible statue or unattainable standard.  Rather, as Paul David Tripp notes in his book Whiter than Snow: Meditations on Sin and Mercy, a monument of grace is humbly

“realizing that my story of God having rescued me by his grace is a tool that God intends to use in the lives of others….I’m not teaching the person about grace..I am sharing my experience of grace.  People learn, not because I’ve opened the dictionary of grace, but because I’ve shown them the video of grace in operation. ” [1]

You, too, your story, your life, is a monument of grace to others.  What are you showing others in your life about the riches of God’s grace?  After confronted with his own sin, David was enlightened to the priceless, undeserved grace of God towards him, and said:

“Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.  Then I will teach transgressors your ways.”  Psalm 51:13

And in the New Testament we read,

In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace.”  Ephesians 1:7


“to me, the very least of saints, this grace was given, to preach to the Gentiles the unfathomable riches of Christ.”  Ephesians 3:8


Tripp continues that I/you,

 “have been called to a daily life of gospel transparency, where you’re ready, willing, and waiting to share your gratitude for the grace you’ve been given with someone who needs it just as much as you.” [1]

Today, humbly, gratefully, lovingly stand as a monument–a testimony–of God’s grace; once lost, now found;  blind, now seeing…to those around you who need precious, amazing grace, but don’t even know it.


[1] Paul David Tripp, Whiter Than Snow: Meditations on Sin and Mercy. Crossway Books. IL.  2008.  pg 72.

5 thoughts on “A Monument of Grace – You!

  1. Linda, it’s been a blessing to come across your blog. And especially so to read your posts about grace.

    Here in the north east of Scotland, in and around Elgin, a small group of believers have come together as ‘Moray Grace Fellowship’. A small number of us came out of the church we were members of because we began to realise that we were expected to be ‘sin conscious’ in our walk and relationship with Jesus. We have been joined by a few other folk and we all want to show people the ‘video of grace in operation’. This was more or less something we talked about last night as we fellowshipped together.

    I love the news about your first grandchild. I now have two grandchildren and Maya, who was born in February, lives just two hundred yards up the road with her parents. Grandchildren are such a blessing.

    Praise God for your faithfulness in declaring God’s Word.

    • Dave,
      Thank you so much for visiting my site, the encouraging comments, and for the grandson congrats! Yes, we are blessed beyond deserving!!

      I checked out your blog and your church’s…the unity and fellowship communicated there create a longing in my husband and I to be there with you!!

      By the way, for more teachings and podcasts along your lines of belief, try out some of these links to the right:
      Cross-centered Blog
      C.J. Mahaney
      Desiring God
      Sovereign Grace Ministries

      I am greatly ministered to by these men and ministries, and I think you’ll be blessed!

      In Him, Linda

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such encouraging comments.

    And thank you for another inspiring post. I read your three most recent posts (from where I left off, I DO make it a point to read all the recent posts I have missed)… and the titles just grip my heart, Linda.

    I have never heard that hymn before, nor come across such beautiful lines. Even just that phrase, “Monument of Grace” touches my heart to the core.

    Oh, how I want to be a monument of grace, like you.

    Dear friend, did you know that GRACE is my favorite word in all the world? Each time I see a book with the word grace in it, I am tempted to buy it. I have a big collection of “Grace” books.

    My youngest daughter is named Anna Grace. A testament to God’s undeserved favor upon my life when she was born.

    And so, you will understand why your blog title caught my heart.

    Is it okay with you if I re-post this blog entry, “Momument of Grace – You” in my blog, one of these days? I feel a connection to it, and would certainly be honored to have you as a guest on my blog site. If you agree, I will of course have to put a link back to your site together with your blog title.

    If you’d rather not, that’s fine with me, too. No pressure. I’ll understand.


    You can email me your reply.


    • Dear Lidj,
      I am both humbled and grateful that you’d wish to post this on you blog. Please feel free to, and may others be blessed and the Lord glorified.

      Grace is so prevalent in our lives. It would take too many books to write of the abundance of God’s grace in our own story! Like you, the Lords’ goodness is reflected in the names of our children–our youngest daughter is named Grace Victoria! We were, and ever are, aware that only by His grace we stand victorious in this world!

      You are a minister of grace for whom I am truly thankful!
      Love, Linda

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