We’re Grandparents!

Our first grandchild, Jonathan Elijah, has made his way into this world and our hearts!  I have several other drafts in mind, but thought this should take precedence for now! 


100_1528The New Family

100_1660Me, my daughter, and her newborn son

100_1651Jonathan Elijah

100_1535Rest after Labour

6 thoughts on “We’re Grandparents!

  1. C,
    Thank you!! It’s a beautiful and blessed experience to be grandparents….we’re just beginning this new season, but we love it already!

    Congratulations to you too!! I pray you can be a part of it all and the Lord blesses all your generations!

    I’ll be back to writing other things, but for now, pretty occupied with this new life! ha!

    Blessings, Linda

  2. He is so, so, beautiful! Congratulations Mom and Dad, on finally becomming Grandparents! When it rains… 🙂 Looking forward to the growing family, and the memories that spring forth from it!

  3. Congratulations, Linda! I’m about ten days late in greeting you… my daughter went through an “emotional storm” and needed her mother by her side…

    The pictures are so heartwarming, and I am sure you are one proud and happy grandmother.

    I love the name of your new grandson!

  4. Linda, My name is Emelie (Cavan) Bartholomew. I was friends with Hope in Augsburg. I’ve been looking for a way to rech her for a long time now. Can you give her my email address? I’d really like to get in touch with her. Your site is lovely!


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