A Troubling Loss

Carrie Ann Sellers

Carrie Ann Sellers
  April 28, 1989 – May 20, 2009

In memory of a beautiful young Christian woman, whom we barely knew..yet, deeply miss. 

I think my brother-in-law, Larry, expresses this loss best:

I look for answers but keep coming back to Him. It’s difficult and I guess time will heal; you will always be in our hearts. That beautiful little smile and laugh. Lemon ice cream. Prom with Ben. Bernie’s first collar that you bought. Becoming friends with the Sellers. Your photos and art. The hat picture. The squirrel photo. Penny’s haircuts. Discussions. Joking. School supplies. Learning and muddling through life. All because of you Carrie Sellers. Embedded in our lives. You are an angel and we love you and will miss you.

Please keep Carrie’s family and friends in prayer.  This loss was sudden and unexpected.  Carried knew the Lord, and is with Him even now.  But her parents, sister, friends and acquaintances are dealing with great loss and grief…and need your prayers. Thank you.

News Article

Memorial Page 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                   ps..  Our connection with Carrie is through our nephew, Ben,who was a classmate and friend of Carrie’s.   They attended their Senior Prom together in 2007, and my husband took their prom photos along with several other couples/friends.  We’d see her often at family gatherings and at the local creamery where she worked.  Since we are saddened and truly miss her, I can only imagine how those much closer must feel.  All our condolences and prayers….  

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