Winter Fun

A brief departure from ‘deep thoughts’ to share some photos from our Christmas break in Ottawa.  If you think there’s a lot of snow now, just wait until February! 

Canada’s Parliament in Lightsparliament-christmas-eve

At icy Hog’s Back Falls:At Icy Hog's Back Falls

Scrabble by candlelight during a 28-hour power outage:Scrabble by Candlelight

John and Mike desperately seeking a word!John and Mike searching for a word, any word

Where is the house?Where's the house?

Oh…there it is!There it is!

Making snow angels 🙂Making snow angels

A winter’s eve…Winter night lights

Provision for some hardy birds:100_5233

and squirrels 🙂100_5079

Fellowship with good friends!100_5328

and more good friends!    kim-and-david


and safety through the storm…100_4817

Thank you, Lord, for all Your gifts.  Most of all, thank you for the Cross…

3 thoughts on “Winter Fun

  1. Loved this post! ESPECIALLY loved the photo of the woodpecker and the squirrel. Poor little guys.
    Here in Kentucky we have experienced the coldest temps in five years … all below 0 for the past few days … and today had a “heat wave” with temps finally in the 30s. It felt soooo warm.
    I did enjoy seeing that you knew how to have fun in the snow (how did that snow angel turn out?) and that a power outage is a great excuse for Scrabble by candle light. How awesome.
    I’ve visited your Parliament many years ago in the spring when the tulips were out but have never seen it lit up in winter.

    Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed seeing your part of the world.
    Heidi Rafferty
    Harrodsburg, KY USA

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