My Times are in Your Hands

“My times are in Thy Hand..”  Psalm 31:15

Alistar Begg’s year-end newsletter on his website, Truth for Life, is helpful as we run full speed into another year, another Presidency, and whatever else is in store.  In the frenzy, our emotions and sense of security fluctuate like a pendulum.  Pastor Begg brings us back to center–to our Lord:  

“In the opening verses of Psalm 31, it is apparent that the Psalmist is in anguish. As we read on, he seems to find himself in a position of assurance just a few verses later, but then quickly returns to a state of distress.

This cycle of pain and joy is not an unusual experience in our Christian pilgrimage. Most of us are a jumble of emotions and a cross section of experiences. The good, the bad, and the ugly wash over us regularly. The key issue is what we do with these experiences: how does being a believer shape the way in which we view these events and our world?

Verse 15 of Psalm 31 reads, “My times are in your hands.”  These six words are the affirmation of the person who knows himself to be­­­­—despite disasters and difficulties— under the care of Almighty God. It is this certainty that will bring equilibrium to us in the span of events that would either inflate our egos or crush our souls. As I have reflected on this verse, I have found nine truths which emerge from the simple statement, “My times are in your hands.”

1.  I’m not trapped in the grip of blind force.

2. I am not tossed about on the ocean of chance.

3. I am being trained in the school of God’s providence.

4. Prosperity should not be the occasion of pride.

5. Uncertainty should not be the occasion of panic.

6. Adversity must not become the occasion of self-pity.

7. There is a responsibility to be faced.

8. Humility must be fostered.

9. There is a security to be found.

Is this not a message for us today? “My times are in your hands.” ”My Father knows best.'”

Pastor Begg offers superb elaboration of these nine points, so please check out the rest of his article at Truth for Life.

2 thoughts on “My Times are in Your Hands

  1. Humility must be fostered! Humility is hard to define and hard to come by. However, if we are submitted to the Lord and doing His will then we are humble people.

  2. as thy days so shall thy strenght be. the secret things of life belong to God but the things revealed belong to belong to us. What does faith in God mean ?? In essence,it means Father knows best. We simply do not have the heavenly Fathers insight into life He has. Therefore we see as through a glass darkly.When we see the Lord face to face ,the word of God says ,then we will know as we are known.This is the faith that pleases God.

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