Mary Barrett is with the Lord


Mary with her husband, Joe

Mary with her husband, Joe

Mary Barrett quietly and peacefully left this world and was welcomed into the arms of Jesus late evening on November 10th.  She was in a hospice facility for the last couple of days, as her cancer and pain worsened.  Now, she resides where there is no sickness, pain or suffering! 

Continue to remember and pray for those closest to her loss, especially her husband, Joe, as he grieves for his bride of many years.  Pray also for Mary’s mom, and her church family and friends at Calvary Chapel Merritt Island, who are left behind to deal with the absence of her beautiful spirit, lovely smile and worshipful voice.

Information regarding a memorial service is pending at this time.  However, if you live in the Merritt Island region of Florida, check out this CC Merritt Island link for more information, or for details about a motorcycle memorial ride in her honour:

Though I only met Mary once, her gracious spirit, laugh, and love for Jesus left an impression on me that I’ll never shake.  Her music was the fruit of the deep, abiding relationship with the Lord.  May her legacy of worship bring you peace in this world, greater hope for the next, and a closeness to her (and our) Saviour, Jesus, as you listen to her music.

Check out the blue Music Box to the right to listen to some of Mary’s singing.  If you want to hear more online, let me know or find her CDs at:

Footstep Records

8 thoughts on “Mary Barrett is with the Lord

  1. Thank you for posting about Mary Barrett; she was undoubtedly a wonderful person. My family can certainly relate to what her family is going through right now, and our prayers are with those who remain.

    You’re right, Mary’s better off than we are right now. She has seized on her hope, and we are still awaiting ours. One day, though, our blessed hope will call us home, and what a time we will have then!

  2. Walking by faith certainly has it’s blessings, but what a day when our faith will be made sight (as sung in “It is Well with My Soul”) I recall when my Dad passed on, it was difficult to imagine that heaven was a reality to him, while yet a hope for me.

    Thanks for your love and prayers for Mary’s family! God Bless!!

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  4. Joe, I met Mary and you at a Murrietta Calvary Pastor’s Wives Conference a few years ago where Mary sang. I am a worship leader as well and loved her music. In honor of Mary, I played “I Will Abide” this last Sunday (11/15/09) at Harvest Church in the Village of Arroyo Grande, California. An intro was made about where I got this song and how the words mean even more now that Mary is with the Lord.
    I was hoping someone would put her song on Youtube.
    One of the team members asked if “I Will Abide” was on Youtube as well…it’s not.
    You had said to me at the conference when I was looking at Mary’s CD’s that I have a big smile just like your wife. Mary was standing next to you and we both smiled at each other.
    DJ Dee, pastor Ron Dee’s wife at Harvest (not a C.C.). (My husband used to be a pastor of Calvary Chapel Avila Beach, CA.)

    • Dear DJ,
      Thank you for commenting! However, I’m just a friend of Mary’s and posted this in honour of her beautiful spirit. If you’d like to pass something on directly to Joe, you could try this website:

      It’s such a blessing to hear of others touched by her ministry! My daughter first told me about Mary after she attended an East Coast CC Pastor’s Wives Conference, and then I got to meet her personally a few months later! Her worship alwasy draws me into the Lord’s presence!

      Blessings, Linda

  5. I remember in 2001, addicted to math, and with a deeply broken heart, “by accident” I tuned into CSN, one night after weeks of having my radio on I distinctly remember hearing her praise and believing what she said, and I was comforted, then later after being born again, I read those same words in my Bible, and was deeply moved how The LORD loved me thru HIS saints. Thank you LORD Jesus for this life you gave Mary, and doing it the way you did.

  6. I was going through my husbands cd’s and found the Mary Barrett and the worship band CC Merrit Island cd. I LOVE this cd! I have shared it with my sister, we agree the music is truly inspired by the good Lord! Praise God for heaven, where we, all who know and trust Him will meet eachother and praise Him together!!

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