News from Mary Barrett

Though still dealing with the trials and pain of cancer, Mary Barrett is recording a new worship album in Nashville.  The YouTube video below is the first post on her new video blog, marybcd.  You can also keep updated on Mary at her website,

Just a reminder, you can read a bit more about her on my previous posts, or listen to some of her songs in the Blue Music Box to the right.  Most of all, keep her and her family in prayer!  Thanks in advance to any and all readers for your interest, love, and prayers for Mary!

6 thoughts on “News from Mary Barrett

  1. It seems Mary is a wonderful person, full of grace and belief the Lord will continue working in her life.

    Cancer is a cruel disease, and we know from personal experience how devastating it can be. My mother succumbed to it last year.

    Thanks for sharing Mary’s story.

  2. I am sorry to loose Mary. I met her 11 years ago at sandy Cove and every year enjoyed her smile and her voice. One very special thing I remember of Mary was one talk we had among a few ladies, Mary gave her testemony. Growing up school never came easy and she found it very hard to follow the steps of her father becoming a doctor of medicine. she smiled and said i may not have healed the physical body of a man but in Jesus I heal the soul through music. She will always be very special to me.

  3. I just found this precious woman’s music. Downloaded turn your eyes upon Jesus and felt such a love for Jesus through her that I downloaded her album. Today, looking for her lyrics found out she went to Jesus and just wept. I pray you all are blessed knowing she left such a glorious mark in Earth. Her music soothes my soul. God bless you, her friends and family. Amen

    • Hello Karen,
      Aww..I feel so badly that you had to learn of her passing from this site 😦 Her soothing songs gave voice to her precious kind and worshipful heart! So many dear friends and loved ones still find her passing difficult to handle, but with the knowledge that she is worshipping the Lord in His Presence, the sting of death is softened. I hope you can find all her music..she recorded a beautiful CD during her last 2 months on Earth, in preparation to see her Lord. Thank you for commenting and blessing me!

    • Karen,
      Forgive me for the delay in responding your comment. Yes, Mary was such an amazing worshipper and I feel deeply humbled to have met her briefly.

      Thank you again for dropping by and sharing your heart! Blessings, Linda

  4. I met Mary at women’s retreats with Calvary Chapel Boston. I love her. I love her passion for the Lord. I love her music and will be a fan forever. In Jesus’ name. Looking forward to seeing her and everyone else on the other side of the heartbeat. Cathy Haker
    Saved 18 years ago

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