Pray for Mary Barrett

 Mary (L) with her friend, and my Pastor’s wife, Kay 

Please keep worship artist, Mary Barrett, in your prayers.  In a previous post, I shared about the Mary’s beautiful spirit and voice, and mentioned her progress in the fight against cancer.  Unfortunately, the cancer has returned and the prognosis is not good.  Thankfully, we have a loving Lord, who hears our prayers and is a very present help in times of trouble.  So please devote yourselves to pray for Mary and her husband, Joe, during this very difficult and challenging time.   

As you pray, you can worship to “Amazing Grace”, sung by Mary, which I just posted in the blue Music Box to the right.  You can also hear her sing, “Be Still My Soul” and “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”, both which are stored in the Music Box. 

Visit Mary’s website:

Support Mary and enjoy her CDs:  Footstep Records

11 thoughts on “Pray for Mary Barrett

  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful music Mary. I live in Alaska and I somehow, through God’s grace, found your site. I am laid up a bit after cancer surgery myself, and your music and readings are balm to my soul. I pray for your comfort and healing in Jesus’ name. I also pray for the friends and family that love you and may the Lord bless them and lead you into a daily renewal and rebirth into his grace and mercy.
    I have much to learn from your example.

  2. Molly,
    I’m thankful this site has blessed you! I pray your recovery goes well and that the Lord will comfort and strengthen you more with each new day! I will pass your letter on to Mary.. I am just the messenger.

    Love and God Bless, Linda (absolutegrace)

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  4. Mary will be missed by many people and Me. I worshiped with her at Sandy Cove and had a few chances to speak to her. always a welcomed smile. I never had a chance to tell her why she meant so much to me but her music always makes me cry before the Lord. the intamacy between the maker and his creation. I too am a singer for the Lord and i have asked the Lord to give me the heart of Mary. What a void it is knowing we are without her for now.

  5. Hello my name is Patty and i met Mary at a retreat in california in 2007 i just read this blog about her having cancer i feel pretty silly but i pray to God that she is well .

    • Dear Patty,
      I am soooo sorry to be the one to tell you that Mary passed away in Nov 2008 😦 She had a very aggresive form of cancer, which from it’s discovery to her death, was only about 10 months. My daughter met her at a women’s conference, then I got to meet her when she led worship at our church (she was in remission at that time). Her life and testimony was so beautiful! So many miss her dearly…family, friends, acquaintances. Thankfully, we can rest in knowing she is singing and rejoicing with the Lord even now.

      Thank you for writing. I pray this response isn’t an inappropriate format to bring you up to date on sweet Mary Barrett. Please feel free to write back anytime. Blessings, Linda

  6. I was talking to my husband about Mary a few minutes ago so I decided to pull up her website. I was very saddened to see that she passed a few years back. I first heard and met this wonderful lady at a womens conference in Geneva Bay, WI. It is a true blessing that we can still enjoy her Beautiful voice today. Thank you Lord for sharing Mary, your daughter with us.

    • I plugged in Marry’s CD A Breath Away and decided to see if she had a facebook. Ironically I found she passed into eternity during the song “A Breath Away” in which a friend of hers died and she sings about us being just a breath away from eternity. I’m so sad. Mary touched my life in only a way that God Himself could brag about. So, now I pray Father you would go to her and brag to her about the letter I sent her many years ago about how her CD touched my life and that I’m thinking about her and that I find joy in knowing that she is singing for you. Thank you Jesus for Mary Barrett.

  7. Mary was an extraordinary worshipper of the Lord. When she was at Calvary Chapel Modesto in concert a few years back she shared the title of a book that had blessed her: “On Being a Servant of God”, by Warren Wiersbe. it has blessed me also as has Mary’s music.

  8. Mary Barrett was the worship leader at a Calvary Chapel women’s conference in April, 1997 where Elizabeth Elliott was the speaker. I was a baby in the Lord and she so blessed me. I recently learned she had passed and wanted to find out when she left us and am so blessed that you continue to honor her memory and her gift of music. Thank you.

  9. I saw Mary perform at a ladies Calvary retreat many years ago in Massachusetts. Her music was touching as her love for our Lord was so genuine. Her light shined wherever she went, I could just tell. I just thought of her today, be aide my mind was racing… And the calming sound of her voice comes to me in memory as I sing with her, “quiet my mind Lord, make me still before you, calm my restless heart Lord make me more like you” it brings me peace and although she is physically gone, she still lives on and is touching lives, speaking to souls and helping us worship and praise. My deepest sympathies to her family. And sending my Thanks to Mary, for making a difference and sharing her gifts!

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