In prayerful remembrance

On the occasion of Patriot Day and in remembrance of the loss and upset our nation experienced on September 11, 2001, I’m posting a poem my daughter, Joy Song, wrote on that day.  Let’s thank the Lord for His undeserving grace to our country, for our leadership, public servants and military–each and all working together to keep us from a repeat of this event.  We should be compelled to continue in prayer for our Nation, our leadership, military, and citizens.  May God still bless America in days to come!

Universal Uncertainty  

Colors of orange and red splash and arch throughout the sky. 

People stand in awe and collectively sigh 

Soon flags are flown everywhere, they still wave somberly from side to side 

No, this wasn’t the Fourth of July; The sparks in the sky weren’t fireworks. 

The “oohs and the ahhs” weren’t parade watchers. 

They were workers, sons, daughters, volunteers, mothers, sisters,  

and fathers…. 

Each gasping at the sight, in what was the clear blue sky. 

They tried to breathe, but mostly they cried: wondering “Who?”  


Some held hands while they lept to their death. 

Rescuers ran to help, The President and politicians openly wept. 

moments of silence, candles light the night, people filled with panic, anger,  

and fright! 

Suddenly invisible was the ‘line’ that separated church and state: 

As billions gathered to publicly pray! 

In memorium- to thousands of graves piled high in the city that never sleeps. 

Futures were cut short, buried beneath rubble, metal, and glass 

Ashes to ashes… 

Screams of grief, followed by protests for peace 

Lady Liberty stands helpless as she sheds a tear,  

“Why did you do this, I welcomed you here!” 

Citizens, victims, and Nations unite, in Heaven and on earth for this 

endless fight! 

Today we march on for the right to be free! 

Free from terror, chaos, and universal uncertainty! 

by Joy, on 9/11/01


The YouTube video below commemorates the events of 9/11, blending still shots with Casting Crowns’ song of exhortation to, “Praise Him in the Storm”:

3 thoughts on “In prayerful remembrance

  1. 9/11

    I could not help but to remember that day in our Nation when all scences were somber in disbelief. One must remember not to become caught-up in any prevailing theories.

    This invisible evil has not isolated our Nation nor has it irradiated our love for Freedom. But we must never forget
    that day which captivated hearts all over the world.

    And to remember our Soldiers that have also lost their lives while fighting for this Freedom, this chaos, so that this evil may never happen again in the Land of the Free. And Lady
    Liberty may never shed another tear.

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