A little pearl

Often I share meaningful hymns, poems, and quotes from authors I’ve read, most of whom are fairly well-known.  However, right in our ow’n family, we’re blessed with many capable writers of poetry, prose, and otherwise.  My mom drafts children’s Bible stories for puppet shows, John journals extensively, our daughters write unique to themselves (and always bring us to tears), and I blab…  and that’s just to mention a few.  Today I’d like to share a poem written by my mother-in-law, Dorothy.  Many of her poems have been published, including this untitled one below: 


When yet life was young

And pink bubble gum

And Teddys and Clowns

Brought me joy;

I was tutored by sages

On how to make wages

On how to succeed

Just where to weed

Just how to impress

To step over the mess,

To gain much acclaim;

To set forth My name!

But, let me explain–

One day I just chose

To walk through a field;

(I think I just chose,

Or did I yet yield?)

Was it planned that I respond

To a Voice quite close by?

Beckoning Hand,

Winds’ Breath,

a Deep sigh?

What matter–I found something there in that place,

That nothing of worldliness can ere deface,

Now naught else can ever–will ever suffice,

My Jesus had shown me

His Pearl of Great Price!” 


“Untitled”, by Dorothy M. Owen, Poems for the Healing Journey, Lana Bateman, Barbour and Company, Inc, Uhrichsville, OH, 1992.

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