Remembering My Dad

My Dad and I, with Joy

My Dad and I (with Joy), 1978

Thank you, Daddy, for giving me such a wonderful example as a Father, that I have absolutely no hindrances in accepting the love of a Heavenly Father.

Thank you for adopting me, giving me your name, and loving me as your very own.  In fact, you were so much my own Daddy, I’d forget I was “adopted”, or that you were legally a “step” dad.  I got in trouble with the Navy when I first enlisted, because I forgot, and listed you as my birth father.  Oh well, they’ll never were all that to me and more. And still are!

Thank you for loving me with a protecting love.  I didn’t understand it at the time, when I couldn’t roam around late with friends, or ride my bike to dangerous intersections.  I didn’t understand that love meant boundaries, curfews, correction, discipline, and not following the crowd. 

Thank you for assurance, affirmation, and praise.  Kids don’t know they need these things, and I sure didn’t, but I was never in short supply.  I think I’m among a minority.

Thank you for showing me how to balance a checkbook.  They never teach the things you really need to know in school–but you made up for their lack.

Thank you for teaching me principles of good character, work ethic, devotion, commitment, and so much more.  I haven’t always applied these lessons well, but am without excuse, because you taught them to me through your life and words. 

Thank you for going to school functions, concerts, games, and more…I thought all dads did that, until I grew up and discovered otherwise.

Thank you for serving our country with honour during WWII, and for serving citizens as a police officer for 35 years.  You wore the name “cop” proudly, even when my peers hurled abusive words at all authority.  Through your life, I learned that service to God, country, and others isn’t a matter of personal recognition or self-serving accomplishments, but rather, sacrificial, inconvenient, and just the right thing to do.

Thank you for how you loved my mom.  You emulated the love a man should have for his wife, by both your actions and words.  For years, I watched you open the garage door for her every night after work (when garage door openers weren’t automated!)  You warmed up the car on freezing cold days.  You made time with her a priority. You treated her mother with love and kindness.  You corrected me when I was disrespectful to my mom–your wife.  And most of all, I heard you say, “I love you” to her repeatedly!!  Every day! 

Thank you, Daddy, for all this and more.

I wish you were still here to read this, but I know you’re being honoured right where you are, along with centuries of faithful fathers..and in turn, offering your own thankfulness and praise to our ultimate, eternal, and Loving, Heavenly Father.

“If you know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him?”  Matt. 7:11 

6 thoughts on “Remembering My Dad

  1. Mom, I just wanted you to know that after reading this letter, I have now cried twice today! Once in the sermon this morning, and now, post-letter to your dearly-departed dad–my Grandfather… I was really touched by everything you said, and how I wish he were here to chat with, and to introduce to the new cop-husbands, and to just say Thank You as well. Grandpa was, after all, the one who told me with a twinkle in his eye and a lump in his throat, not to marry “Mr. wrong man” –and I didn’t–even when that man asked me right after Grandpa passed. It was no accident that I was able to see him and chat with him before he passed, before I gave my life to God– I think this is a great tribute to Grandpa! And quality fathers–like mine–your husband John 🙂 Cards are on the way to Dad~ I will call in a bit~ All my love, Joy

  2. Boy your tribute to daddy really got to me. I didn’t read it until today, Tuesday, June 17. I know daddy is rejoicing over your tribute to him. He really was a very special man in every way. I am so thankful he was such a good father and husband. You brought back some good memories. Thank you Linda!

  3. Joy and Mom,
    I’m glad you were blessed!! I was too, by having a great Daddy!! And I’m so grateful for the awesome Dad that John is. I can’t tell him enough how special he is. You girls do a wonderful job reassuring him!! Love, Mom/Linda

  4. Beautiful post. Very touching. Your Dad sounds like a really wonderful father. I’m missing my own dad a lot too… but, also feel fortunate that I had such a positive influence in my life for as ling as I did. It’s also nice to see another “Daddy’s Girl” – because, you are right, there are so many who didn’t have that kind of bond. We are lucky.

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