Good news for Gabriel

Thanks for all your prayers!!  The following is from his dad:
“Miracles abound … Gabriel is now back at the RMH (Ronald McDonald House) with us. He was still intubated this morning until 11 am when he started waking up and they pulled him off the vent. His morning x-ray looked much better and an echocardiogram confirmed that the aortic valve does have a small leakage but even less than yesterday and getting better, so he deemed it something to watch, but at this point “trivial”. Dr. Latson’s parting words to me were: “No offence intended, but I hope not to see you back here for at least a year or two. Those words were music to my tired ears. I know Gabe is not done with heart surgery forever, but at least he should be for the rest of the year and maybe all next year as well….. after 17 heart surgeries in 5 years, a year off sounds amazing, praise our Graceous Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Gabe is extremely weak and tired and seems to me to still be under the effects of the power sedatives, paralytics, and amnesia drugs that they had him on all last night and into the morning. We are planning to come part way home Friday, and the rest of the way Saturday at this point. This trip has been an emotional roller coaster and we want to take it as easy coming home as possible, especially with the expectation of this being the only surgery this year.  Thank you all so much for your prayer on Gabriel’s behalf. We know that the Lord answers the prayers of His people and he has once again answered all your prayers and ours with another safe and effective surgery.   Love in Christ,  Jeff”

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