Gabriel in Prayer

taken by Beth Stone


photo by Beth Stone

Please keep this little guy in prayer today.  He’s just 6 years old as he prepares for his 17th surgery.  Born with several serious heart defects, he’s had open heart surgeries, stints, and too many hospital memories for anyone of his age.  Today he’s in pre-op, getting ready for another cath.  This is a note from his family, Jeff and Erin: 

Gabriel is scheduled to undergo surgery #17 on March 28th with workups on the 27th. This Cath is to check the presures in the blood vessels out in his lungs, see if any additional stints are needed at this time, and most importantly (if the measurements are still good) to try to close the VSD (hole remaining between the lower two chambers of his heart) in the cath lab… This is a cath, but in no way a small or trivial surgery. Please pray for safety and for this one to be successful. If it is, it could mean a little break from surgery (maybe even a year)….Please pray that we will have the strength and wisdom to go through this again, and that the Lord will get the glory for all that is done.

Thank you! 

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