Pray for the Chapman Family

Please pray for the family of Steven Curtis Chapman following the death of their youngest daughter, Maria, who died in a tragic accident yesterday.  All our prayers are needed and appreciated for a musician and a family whose life message speaks of God’s love, family values, and adoption.  You can learn more about Maria, and leave a prayer or comment on their memorial blog HERE.  

6 thoughts on “Pray for the Chapman Family

  1. Dear Chapmans,

    May the Lord surround you with the Peace that passes all understanding at this time. May you override your grief with compassion and love for your son – who is feeling as though the world just collapsed and it is his fault. The Holy Spirit, our great Comforter, is encompassing you and ministering to you through this time of your need. Now the God who is able to turn every event into something good, take your grief today and turn it into ministry tomorrow.

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