Memories and prayer

A few regular readers probably know that our daughter, Hope, served as a missionary in Ukraine for 4 years.  It’s now been 8 years ago this May since she fist began her Ukrainian experience!  I’ve attached a video below, taken and compiled by Brenten and Lena Powers, a missionary couple with whom Hope served, and who are presently church planting in Latvia!  This music/photo essay covers 2002-2003 in Nizhyn, Ukraine. I  first saw it on Brenten’s website (see Blogroll and Great Ministries), so just for fun, thought I’d share it here too.   Note the quick ending credits provide an update on the Nizhyn church. 

As you watch, please pray for the continued growth in the churches planted in Eastern Europe.  And pray for Brenten and Lena as they serve a small, but growing gathering of believers in Latvia.  Thanks!!!

(P.S. The music, “Beautiful One”  is sung by Jeremy Camp.)

One thought on “Memories and prayer

  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing this video. These are pictures we have never seen of the ministry that went on in the Ukraine. Good to see Hope in several of the pictures. I know the nationals carry on much of what was begun by Americans and others. Praise God for His faithfulness.

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