Happy Birthday, Mom!!

My Mom!

It’s my beautiful mother’s birthday today, and I just want to tell everyone what a wonderful woman and mom she is!!  She is 76 today (sorry, mom, if you wanted that secret!), but she hasn’t let her age keep her from serving the Lord with the same fulness of many who are much younger.  Though a widow now for 6 years, she has not dipped into the well of self pity or sorrow, she has not allowed sadness or bitterness rule her life.  Rather, she loves the Lord with all her heart, and serves Him with gladness in His courts!  Here are just some of her godly traits, to be honoured and praised:

She prays for me and her family every day

She prays everyday in her church for the needs there

She writes over 50 missionaries and their families every month

She leads a “widow” Bible study in her house every week

She loves to sing and praise the Lord

She serves on the Mission Committe at her church

She writes children’s Bible stories

She started a Puppet Ministry for children in city homes and shelters, as well as for seniors in nursing homes and senior day care centers.  And she has a lot of help from several others in the 70s and 80s!!

And, she loves me! 

I pray I can find new ways to love and honour her. Thank you for allowing me to do so here today!!   I love you, MOM!!!!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mom!!

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  2. Wow, how do I live up to all of that! What a tremendous gift you have given me through honoring me so greatly. Thank you Linda, you are more than generous with your gracious words. It pleases me that you feel this way. Thank you again. I am really touched. You could not give me a gift I would enjoy more.

    Blessings upon you
    All my love

  3. What a beautiful blog Linda! We’ve known your mom for many years, knew your dad and would sing for him when he was so sick. In fact we sang at his funeral; wonderful people! Love them with all our hearts, and we can see you are the same! God bless you so good, God is good!
    Love in the name of Jesus,
    Roy and Onie Wandmacher

  4. I heartily agree with Roy and Onie, you do have a beautiful blog, Linda, and a beautiful Mom. I have known your Mom for several years and can verify your facts concerning your Mom. She is one of THE BEST examples of the believer that I have ever met. Her humbleness only adds to her witness. I can see that she has also been a wonderful example to you as you are a strong Christian woman. It is a pleasure to see what God can do in our lives as we allow Him to work in us. Your Mom is also a good listener and we all need one, at times. We keep in touch by e-mail and love to hear from her as she is a great encourager, too !
    In Jesus’ love, Fran

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