A secret place

Poems and hymns seem to capture thought and emotion in a way that prose and profuse written ambling (like mine) never can.  So I revert to them when abundance of words fails.  This was written by Issac Watts, a gifted and prolific hymn writer of the 1700’s:


Oh that I knew the secret place where I might find my God!

I’d spread my wants before His face and pour my woes abroad.

I’d tell Him how my sins arise, what sorrows I sustain;

How grace decays and comfort dies, and leaves my heart in pain.

He know what arguments I’d take to wrestle with my God;

I’d plead for His own mercy’s sake, and for my Saviours’ blood.

My God will pity my complaints, and heal my broken bones;

He takes the meaning of His saints, the language of their groans.

Arise, my soul, from deep distress, and banish every fear;

He calls thee to His throne of grace to spread thy sorrows there!

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