Jehovah Satisfied, A Hymn

To compliment John’s topic, “Satisfied,” I wish to share a beautiful 19th century hymn by William Russell, called Jehovah Satisfied:

More marred than any man’s, the Saviour’s visage see;

 Was ever sorrow like to His endured on Calvary?

Oh hear that piercing cry! What can its meaning be?

“My God, my God, Oh why has Thou in wrath forsaken me?”

Oh ’twas because our sins on Him by God were laid;

 He who Himself had never sinned for sinners, sin was made.

Thus sin He put away by His one sacrifice,

Then, conquereor o’er death and hell, He mounted to the skies.

Therefore, let all men know that God is satisfied;

 and sinners all who Jesus trust, through Him are justified!

One thought on “Jehovah Satisfied, A Hymn

  1. Praise God, we have nothing to add to the blood of Jesus. I am thankful that God’s wrath has been satisfied by Jesus’ blood. We are blessed above all people.
    I am satisfied – Mom

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