Help, Lord!

Red Sky at Night
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“Help, Lord!”    Psalm 12:1

Sometimes this is all the prayer I can muster up.  And it’s not just limited to the “tough” times. I breathe this prayer as I get out of bed every morning, or answer the phone, or balance the checkbook. Or at those times that catch me unprepared–another’s need, a change in mood, an unopened bill..
Whatever my role in life, this is one of those prayers I keep coming back to. As a new wife, a military spouse, expectant mom, mom of toddlers, and–especially–mom of teens, the Lord proved faithful with the briefest, most desperate utterances. While in the Navy, especially Mondays (!), or whatever day was the beginning of my work week, I couldn’t say this prayer fast enough! From test taking and teaching, hospital visits, personal or international traumas, in peace or war, and life as a whole, probably no prayer has been cried more often!   C.H Spurgeon offers some comments on the benefits and beauty of this prayer:

“The prayer itself is remarkable, for it is short, but seasonable, concise, and suggestive…The Psalmist runs directly to his God, with a well-considered prayer:  he knows what he is seeking and where to seek it.”

No matter what you’re facing today, don’t hesitate to cry out to Him.  Don’t analyze whether or not you think your problem is big enough to call our for help.  Comfort and peace in the midst of any and all circumstances are assured because of God’s character, love and promise: 

“Fear not, I will help you.”  Isaiah 41:13

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